Monday, 5 January 2015

Five days in + tofu

After five days of a full-on-vegan diet, I'd have to say not much has changed for me. I have found myself questioning items that I pick up at the supermarket regularly - it takes a bit more time to reconsider what I'm actually buying (and all that hidden milk powder that seems to be everywhere). I'm eager to see if I notice a difference in myself after a month of veganism.
I love hearing peoples stories about going vegan/vegetarian and have been listening to a fair amount with new job at a health food shop. Recipe-sharing is something I get far too excited about!
Over the past few days I have been trying to fit in some extra cooking, but I seem to have only made quick meals with leftovers. I have, however, made some date truffles, spiced crunchy chickpeas and have tried out some popcorn toppings - really only snacky things.
So tofu! I have a love/hate relationship going on with that stuff. Whenever I've had tofu in a restaurant it always seems to be rubbery and tasteless, which I begin to expect now. It is such a versatile food and you can buy it pre-marinated so there's really no excuse!

Here's a quick idea for tasty tofu:
  • Tofu (firm)
  • Curry paste (I used Pataks)
  • Gram/chickpea flour
Drain the liquid from the tofu and press firmly with kitchen roll to remove the excess water. The block of tofu I used was 450g. I used about a third of this for two servings. If you slice up the rest of the drained tofu then you can pop it in the freezer for another time.
Cut the tofu into small strips and put in a bowl. Add two teaspoons of preferred curry paste and gently mix to cover the tofu. You can leave this to marinate for 10 mins or a few hours if you have the time.
Once you are ready to cook grab a plate and cover it with gram flour. Coat the tofu in the flour and place to the side ready for pan frying.
Use a little vegetable or olive oil and  fry at a fairly high heat until golden.
I served my tofu with brown rice, raw peppers, rocket and a drizzle of hot sauce. Yum!

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