Monday, 12 January 2015

Fruit, Curry + Lunches

My parents were passing through Dundee and popped in for a coffee the other day. We had the remainder of the parsnip cake and had a quick catch up. My mother brought me a bag of treats which was very kind (there was some hummus but it didn't last long!). I'm really enjoying using limes at the moment. They're great on simple salads when I'm rushing about making my lunch in the morning, or even squeezed into some cold tea.
A few days ago I made a chickpea curry. It was pretty simple with onions, mushrooms and green lentils alongside some brown rice and roasted butternut squash (which I managed to get from Tesco for 16p!). I had an idea about an apple based salad to go with the curry because I usually like to have fresh pineapple or mango as an accompaniment. I used a granny smith apple for extra tanginess, lime juice and red cabbage. It definitely was sharp tasting but worked well with the wholesome nutty rice.

With my fairly recent change in employment I now have a shorter lunch break, which means more planning for lunches. It's far too easy just to pick something up over my break but it ends up costing far more than it needs to and it's never the healthiest. I've been really enjoying millet lately. It has a higher amount of protein compared to more expensive grains like quinoa and I prefer the texture too. It is so simple to put it on the hob while I'm getting ready in the morning. I generally put in some green lentils too and a bit of a stock cube (Kallo garlic and herb are amazing!). Alongside some raw veg, fruit and nuts, this keeps me going most of the day.

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